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Preparing for Engine

The Engine arrives by Tail Lift Van on 5th December 2013. The Engine has been totally rebuilt, new pistons and Cylinders bored out to +60. All other bits have been overhauled like the Crankshaft Damper, Water Pump, Clutch, Head and Valves and the list goes on.

At the moment the engine bay is ready, car is back on it’s wheels andI have prepared the front and rear engine mountings.

The Firewall wiring is being finished off, wires from the ancillaries to the Fuse Box and also fitting the Horn relay onto the chassis by the steering box.

November 2013

The Fuse box goes in and is wired up to the firewall wires coming from the Dash.

The Radiator is checked out and is found to be holed on the inside by some form of human damage.


B153HM Restoration Progress

Welcome to my Progress Report on B153HM Full Restoration