1934 Freestone & Webb Derby Bentley

This Derby was originally delivered in June of 1934 via Dex Garages of Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. The first registered owner was William L.P. Miesegaes, also of Newcastle. Period photos of this car, as shown in Michael Ellman-Brown’s book The Silent Sports Car reveal the distinctive coachwork remains in the same configuration as it was originally delivered; with its low roofline, upholstered top with faux irons, and large boot with rear mounted spare and luggage rack. The large boot and rack hinted that Mr. Miesegaes intended to use his Bentley as a long distance tourer.

Today, chassis number B136AH presents in beautiful condition wearing a high-quality cosmetic and mechanical restoration that has been exceptionally well-maintained by its passionate owners. The claret red body is accented with black wings and a black upholstered roof. The fascinating coachwork has a number of unique details including Lucas P100 headlamps, the original tool kit and a roof featuring a large sliding sunroof.

A four-place cabin restored with black leather and gray Wilton carpet. The woodwork on the dash and door caps is a highlight of the interior, refinished to a high standard. Fine details include intricately finished vanity cubbies in the blind quarters and a period Philco radio integrated into the fascia.

Build sheets confirm the car retains its original, numbers-matching engine.