1938 Park Ward Derby Bentley

This 1938 Bentley 4.25 Liter Park Ward Saloon is a very good original automobile that has never required nor received a complete restoration, but has recently been refreshed to a high standard as shown. This automobile presents as just what one would want an old Bentley to be, formal and familiar at once. The coachwork displays one of the handsomest bodies constructed on this chassis; perhaps more suited to a government minister than a monarch.

The exterior is finished in a tasteful black and tan and a contrasting red coach line, with black wings and full wheel covers displaying both colors to good effect. The older paint shows cracks and a few obvious imperfections as to be expected with age, but has been polished to a bright shine.

Brightwork (chrome) has been applied sparingly and is in good order. The original interior lives up to Bentley's reputation for sporting luxury. The bone colored leather seats and door cards have been retained with all their patina, calling to mind a venerable club environment. The chairs are comfortably inviting and the headliner and carpet are of typical wool.

The extensive original wood is very nice, not cracked or split. A sliding metal sunroof opens over the front seat, simply inviting sunny drives. The trunk is original and includes some original tools and a clever trouble light.

A fantastic small detail is an original sticker on the windshield that testifies to the fact that this Bentley participated in the 1967 International Rolls-Royce and Bentley Pageant at Goodwood.